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What is Psychology?

Psychology is science that studying behavior and mental health and the relation between them. It also try to understand the relation between the behavior and the environment to help in redirect and control the bad behavior.

Psychology Studying is Popular

Psychology was first studied in university in 1950s and now psychology studying the 5th popular degree – Number of bachelor's degrees earned in psychology reach nearby 100,000-, as we see in the chart psychology comes behind business, social science and history, health and clinical professions, and education. Now as it is popular universities and colleges start to provide online psychology degree (s).
Online psychology degree
As you see, the psychology is gradually Increase

Why psychology become popular?

  • Useful in the daily life: As we mentioned psychology helps in understanding how the mental health affect the behavior? So psychologist can understand and control every situation in the daily life more than ordinary people. They can improve their children inelegance and establish more social relationships
  • Good Career, Good Salary: If you get a psychology degree you will have a lot of careers to choose. You can work in a university if you earned doctoral degree in psychology or you will work as a clinical psychologist or as a school psychologist or in human service or…or….or……etc. The statics show that 30% of psychologists are self-employed, 30% of them work in educational department and 20% of them work in mental health care. So if you want to be a psychologist don't worry about your future job. Now, you just have to close your eyes and decide what you want to be. See Specializations Of Psychology .
    The Psychologist's salary is very good that provides a good standard of living, according to BLS the psychologist salary is 68,640 dollars annually

An online psychology degree or a traditional one

Online degrees in psychology has been increased markedly in last few years almost 70% of the accredited universities and schools made online programs. This increase is due to the flexibility that online programs provide as student can study in home in their own way because they are not restricted by a specific schedule. Also online psychology degree is very suitable for student who want to earn this degree from a school in another state without leaving their home.

You must know also that there is two types of online psychology programs one is completely online in this type you will take all courses all activities online and you don't need to go to the campus, second is campus and online - called a blended program – you will go to campus for orientation, test-taking or graduation ceremonies.

There is some disadvantage of online programs all student – not in psychology only but all online degrees- suffer from such as the connection between you and you professors or colleagues is zero. Programs in campus helps you to increase you training and hands skills but online don't. Also you might face some technical problems.

Is online psychology degree respected by employers?

Employers see the online degrees and campus ones equally but there is three points you must put in your mind
  • First is the accreditation: Employers don't care if you have an online psychology degree or campus degree provided that you get the degree from an accredited university or school. You must know that accreditation is the major factor that give the online psychology degree its value.
  • Second when you are about to have an online psychology degree you should know that the university or college that will join has a traditional program or an online program only. If it has traditional one beside the online program this mean that its online program is good and your chance in work will increase. As the majority of managers say that online psychology degrees from established traditional – campus - program are more accepted than online programs only.
  • Third you must choose a known university or college that have a good reputation this will support you when you apply for the job.

What will I work in the future?

According to BLS in 2010, there are 174,000 working as psychologists this number will raise by 22% to exceed two hundred thousand in 2020 as we mentioned before the psychologists may work in a lot of fields they can establish their own work or work in big organization even work in universities, military or schools –don't worry about your future career. Now we will show you the best 3 careers that you can work in the future

Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist

  • Psychology degree required
    • Master psychology degree which lasts for 2 years but you won't able to take a master degree unless you earn a bachelor's degree which lasts 4 years of studying.
    • Also you must hold a license of practicing psychology
  • Annual salary On average $87,300 per year
  • Job description Your job is directly related to employee you will study the psychological mood, satisfaction of them and try to increase their motivation and training to make them giving the work their best. Also you will analyze the business weakest point and try to strengthen them

Health Psychologist

  • Psychology degree required
    • A doctorate degree in psychology lats for 4-7 years
    • Also you must hold a license of practicing psychology under the supervision of another psychologist
  • Annual salary On average $100,500 per year
  • Job description Health psychologists try to understand the effect of biology, social relations and psychological mood on health and illness you will work for government agency, hospitals, university or make your self-clinic

School Psychologist

  • Psychology degree required
    • A Master degree in psychology lasts for 2-3 years
    • In some states, doctorate degree in psychology is required
  • Annual salary On average $60,500 per year
  • Job description School psychologists works with children in school and their teachers and families. He try to understand and solve the social problems that face them and learn them how to work in groups also he help them to get over the learning difficulties. Finally you will be succeed in your job if you helped children succeed socially and academically
online psychology degree

Best Online pschology Colleges?

There is hundreds of schools and universities that provide the psychology degrees online with an accredited psychology programs but you should choose the university that fit you, bearing in mind the cost of the study and your future career, for example, if you want to be a clinical psychologist, you must choose a school that provide a doctorate psychology program in this table we tell you the best 3 universities that provides online degrees